NFocus: Holiday Epicurean: Maneet Chauhan

“This is Maneet’s take on the tradition, but like all of her dishes, it has an unexpected twist.”

Nashville Scene Reader's Poll: Best Indian Restaurant

Zagat: 10 Hottest Restaurants in Nashville

“Classic Indian cuisine “fused with Southern home cooking” is an “incredible combination” that’s “like a party in your mouth..” “

Nashville Business Journal: The Boss: Maneet Chauhan on love, food and date nights at home

“Chauhan’s Morph Hospitality restaurant group is about to open two more Gulch restaurants and has no plans to slow down from there.”

Eater Nashville: Where to Eat Brunch in Nashville, Summer 2016

“…you’ll find interesting takes on brunch favorites including tandoori shrimp and grits, curried biscuits and gravy, and hot chicken pakora with waffles.”

The Tennessean: Jim Meyer's Top 25 Restaurants in Nashville

“Maneet Chauhan’s take on India-meets-the-South is so high on this list because I don’t care what you call it — the dishes are that good, and I haven’t had anything I don’t like.”

Parade: Chopped Judge Maneet Chauhan Shares Her Favorite Chutney Recipes

“Indian spices can find a place in any cuisine. It’s just a matter of opening your mind and palate to new flavors”

Style Blueprint: Where to Order Nashville's Best French Fries: Très Magnifique!

“Maneet Chauhan manages to merge our favorite Southern and Indian flavors at her Nashville restaurant, Chauhan Ale & Masala House.”

Thrillist: Eat Seeker, The Best Restaurants in Nashville Right Now

“When celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan announced she was opening a restaurant in Nashville, nobody would have expected that she would become such an active fixture in the community so quickly.”

Executive Nashville: Maneet Chauhan's Culinary Journey

“Her story weaves the trend-setting and ever evolving craft of culinary arts with a laser-focused determination and creative vision that is truly inspiring and contagious.”

The Tennessean: Nashville Lifestyles' Best Restaurants

Chauhan Ale & Masala House Comes in at #9

Nashville Scene: Chef Aatul Jain Triumphs at Iron Fork

“In the end, the winner was Jain, who said the dish was inspired by a Southern meat-and-three plate.”

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